Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Day at West Waves

Greeting to all of the people who are reading my writing about our summer holidays.
Hi my names is Isiah and this is my holiday writing

"Were going to the wave pools" my aunty says yay I replied back but you two boys have to clean that room before you do anything okay. Me and my brother Patrick have to do our room properly  today because  most of the times we don't clean our room but this  time we have to do it nice and tidy. My brother say's to me " yo i'm going to do some mean as bomb's  i reply in a cheeky voice "yeah right your bombs are just splashes." Have you boys finished your room yet yes i reply.

As my aunty finished making our lunch we got told to go wait in the car. Our uncle took a day off work just so he could take us to the wave pools how awesome is he too awesome i say lol. As they were loading the car we all were excited to go swimming as a family. About 30 minutes later we went to the wave pools in Orakei but there slides were closed so we had to go even longer to the Henderson wave pool.

Parking not far from the lane pools inside we all got out of the car  and went to the counter. Waiting in line it was our turn to go up as we approach the bench a kind lady came out and said "welcome to west waves how may I help you" my cool aunty & uncle says may I please have 4 children and 2 adults sure that will be $10.00 here you go my uncle says. The lady gives us a band and say you can were this band from Tuesday till Sunday wow I've never been do a pool that does that.

Close to jumping in I could all ready imagine me go in to a nice and cold pool. Getting changed I quickly run to the slides as my uncle calls out to me walk not run i knew he said that because I could have feel and hurt myself eager to jump down the slide I see that there was a long Que so I had to be patient and wait for my turn as it was closing in I was really excited and scared and the same time "DOWN I GO" zooming down I could barely see the end wosh I skim on the water and drop "wow that was so awesome" I could hear the siren beeping which only meant one thing  the waves were coming bing 1 wave bing 2 waves bing 3 bing 4 waves bing the last wave was near boom the last wave so big that I fell of the lane rope that I was holding onto COOL about 1 hour later I could just here my name Isiah Isiah  Isiah Yes my uncle signals me and say it was time to go swimming out I was thinking of how lucky we are to have such great Uncle & Aunty.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

year 8 camp

As the night was coming to an end our final event was Approaching and I couldn't wait until what we were going to do we were going to set up a campfire just outside the camp in the paddock because it was our last night at madison camp. We were going to sing songs and hang out with all your friends.

We all hopped into our groups and started to think of some songs that we called sing we all had a vote for a song. The song that we had to pick was a song that everybody knew and called sing to so it was really hard because not everybody knows the same songs as everybody else and we all liked different kind of songs. But there was one song that I thought of and I knew that everybody knew it rude by magic.

Making our way to the camp fire we sit around it. I sat with my friends we all were excited about each others songs. First off we sang a song from school to get the mood going as everybody was singing the teacher says our name to come and sing our song. I was really shy but I got and sang any way as we finished it was just in time for I jump on my bed and started going to sleep as I was sleeping I was trying to dream what our day was planned for tomorrow.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tangled pattern art

Tangled art pattern
Last week class panuba did a tangled pattern art because our theme for term four was art attacker. So our teachers thought it was a good idea to do a tangled pattern art which represent our culture and where we came from.

My  piece of artwork was a maori designed which had koros and different kind of patterns. I liked my friends design as well because it looked so cool but I know that my one is better.
After a while I had  finished my design and then had to go over it with felt pens to make it more spectacular.

When I finished my piece of artwork I had to give it to my teacher ms paget so she can put the art work by all the other wonderful art that class panupa did. The next day everybody gathered in the class to look  at our art.

Friday, October 17, 2014


This term our class have been learning how to manger our self. We have been making avatars for our behavior. I reckon I'm at level 2 because I can manage myself properly

Monday, August 25, 2014



These past few weeks  every Monday Class 5 have been doing Soccer with our instructor Sophia who plays for a Soccer Team. The first session we had was on the first week of school. At first It felt boring but when I started to learn how to play the game I felt like I was living under a rock all these years.

Most of the time that we have been doing soccer I have been learning new skills like the 3 man move and the quick counter attack these skills are mainly for beginners that are just for beginners like me.

On the second to last week I think was one of the best weeks that we I ever had in soccer because we got to play an actual game where teams were competing the teams were Chilli,Brazil,mexico and more that I can not remember But the team that I was is Chilli.

Sadly this was only last chance to play soccer with Sophia but we all know that this session will be the best this year.Luckily we got to continue  with our last weeks games that we were playing. As we were building up to the end of the session we had the finals which was mexico vs Brazil sadly my team had not came first but luckily not last ever we came third which is not bad either.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Colors of Today


PhotoWhat are the primary colors: The Primary colors are yellow, red and blue they are really useful colors because they can make whole knew different colors when you mix them together like this .

blue/yellow equals green
red/blue  equals   purple
yellow/red  equals orange

And those colors are call secondary colors.You get secondary colors by mixing primary colors with Secondary. these  are also amazing colors but these colors make more complicated colors which are called tertiary colors which they are.
blue and green
red and purple
orange and yellow
red and orange
blue and purple
green and yellow

All of these colors here are amazing colors But the one color that stands out for me is red and orange because that are so fascinating colors. When I think about colors i think about the world and how we would be without green,red,blue,yellow and so on
and how the world we be just pitch black.