Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Day at West Waves

Greeting to all of the people who are reading my writing about our summer holidays.
Hi my names is Isiah and this is my holiday writing

"Were going to the wave pools" my aunty says yay I replied back but you two boys have to clean that room before you do anything okay. Me and my brother Patrick have to do our room properly  today because  most of the times we don't clean our room but this  time we have to do it nice and tidy. My brother say's to me " yo i'm going to do some mean as bomb's  i reply in a cheeky voice "yeah right your bombs are just splashes." Have you boys finished your room yet yes i reply.

As my aunty finished making our lunch we got told to go wait in the car. Our uncle took a day off work just so he could take us to the wave pools how awesome is he too awesome i say lol. As they were loading the car we all were excited to go swimming as a family. About 30 minutes later we went to the wave pools in Orakei but there slides were closed so we had to go even longer to the Henderson wave pool.

Parking not far from the lane pools inside we all got out of the car  and went to the counter. Waiting in line it was our turn to go up as we approach the bench a kind lady came out and said "welcome to west waves how may I help you" my cool aunty & uncle says may I please have 4 children and 2 adults sure that will be $10.00 here you go my uncle says. The lady gives us a band and say you can were this band from Tuesday till Sunday wow I've never been do a pool that does that.

Close to jumping in I could all ready imagine me go in to a nice and cold pool. Getting changed I quickly run to the slides as my uncle calls out to me walk not run i knew he said that because I could have feel and hurt myself eager to jump down the slide I see that there was a long Que so I had to be patient and wait for my turn as it was closing in I was really excited and scared and the same time "DOWN I GO" zooming down I could barely see the end wosh I skim on the water and drop "wow that was so awesome" I could hear the siren beeping which only meant one thing  the waves were coming bing 1 wave bing 2 waves bing 3 bing 4 waves bing the last wave was near boom the last wave so big that I fell of the lane rope that I was holding onto COOL about 1 hour later I could just here my name Isiah Isiah  Isiah Yes my uncle signals me and say it was time to go swimming out I was thinking of how lucky we are to have such great Uncle & Aunty.

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  1. Hey Isiah,
    It sounds like you had an awesome time! You are lucky to have such an awesome whanau taking you to such a fantastic place. It's wonderful to see you writing in the holidays and entertaining your audience! Good job.


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